Measurable Children's SEMH support.

Offering 1:1 and group Counselling, Theraplay, Lego-based therapy, Story Stem assessments and personal tuition.

Toy Plane

1:1 Counselling.
Small group therapy

This child-centred approach focuses on what the child wishes to bring to counselling. 

This could be issues such as:

Anger, bereavement, anxiety, depression, friendship issues, social communication, phobias, family breakdown, conduct,  

focus and concentration, to name a few. This may also include Covid-19 well-being recovery.  

Sessions will be child-centred, confidential and contracted in accordance with The National Counselling Society guidelines.

These can also be online. 

External supervision is taken every month to manage the performance of the therapist. 

Sessions start from as little as £20.


Cost-effective training for your school

This can include training staff to deliver Lego(R)-based therapy for social communication needs. 
Also, whole-school curriculum consultation, setting up of nurture provision and policy development. 
Prices vary dependent on need, but start from as little as £70.

Bridge Over River

Specialist support for children with Autism.

Assessment profiling, transactional support consultancy and target setting for children who happen to be on the Autism spectrum, using the SCERTs model and other useful interventions.
Lego-based therapy, for both 1:1 and group delivery.


Story-Stem Assessment for Attachment difficulties.

An exciting, rare, child-friendly assessment package developed by the renowned Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families, which helps to understand a child's attachment needs.

This can be used to develop a therapeutic plan for the child. 

Fall Foliage

1:1 Nurturing, progressive Tutoring

Combining both professions, we aim to offer a nurturing but progressive education to young people, including both pupil premium teaching and private home schooling.


Support for Teachers

Offering telephone support for teachers with challenging students. This can be in the form of telephone or online support, at a regular time slot for the school. 

Prices starting from £30 per hour. 

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